Emilia's Domain

Emilia's Domain


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My name's Emilia! I've always dreamed of having a personal website, and this website is the product of a lot of trial and error with different formats, as well as elements from various periods of the internet.

This is actually my second time building a website in this format. The first one ended up being coded like it was actually written in the early 2000s, and it was an absolute nightmare to manage. This new website format is significantly easier to control, and I plan to put a lot more stuff here!

So, what do I do in life? Well, one of my passions is programming. Here are some of my projects, both old and new:

  • emmVRC - A quality of life mod for VRChat that went strong for 3+ years. Discontinued
  • GMS2ModLoader - A simple way to build version-independent mods for GameMaker Studio 2 games. Discontinued
  • Metal Yoshi - A moderation and fun bot for Discord servers. Discontinued
  • Project Tire - A Unity remake of the Population Tire Flash game from Homestar Runner. Discontinued

Most of my more recent programming has been towards other projects. For those, check out my GitHub!

I also love to work with weird and regular vintage computers. I'm on a never-ending hunt for the perfect Windows 98 laptop for my uses, as well as a small and compact DOS PC. But even when I find them. I'll still continue to seek out new, strange, and unique computers, and restore them to working order. If you want to see some of the devices I've worked on, check out my devices section!

I'm also a firm believer in software preservation, and so I will post any unique software and/or driver packages I find to this website. It seems to be so often that older hardware is rendered completely useless by a lack of compatible software or drivers, and I want to help change that. If you're looking for something, check out my archive section!

I also like to do digital art. I've been creating my own emotes and drawings for the past 3 years now, and I'm constantly striving to improve. If you want to see my art, check out the gallery section!

Update Log

06-05-23 - Added Japanese translations, and brought the devices page to the frontend!

01-05-23 - So I kinda haven't been giving this site a whole lot of love... Fixed some of the images across the site and worked to add some of the missing pages.

03-07-22 - The archive is live! Now featuring dynamic directories, to make submitting content significantly easier.

20-04-22 - Updated site to use tables rather than heavy CSS. This should make it more compatible with older web browsers, as well as makes it easier to work with.

15-12-21 - Deployed a CSS-oriented multi-page website to replace the older one. I'll swap this later.